8 limbs of yoga – the niyamas (personal disciplines)

Here we take a look at the niyamas, or personal disciplines. Niyamas consist of 5 sub-limbs (listed below). The depth of each of these sub limbs is vast. This video is simply a scratch on the surface to each. Deeper study is highly recommended by the author.

Niyamas – Personal Disciplines

saucha – cleanliness
santosha – contentment
tapas – self disciplines
svadhyaya – self study
ishvarapranidhana – surrender

8 limbs of yoga – Introduction

A one minute introduction to the 8 limbs of yoga as set out by the great sage Patanjali. This is a very brief overview to this series of explanatory videos on each of the 8 limbs.

The hope is that these videos are short and easy to digest for all levels of experience. It is great to have an understanding of the larger picture of yoga if you are only familiar with the westernized emphasis on poses alone.

8 Limbs of Yoga – 1 minute Overview