Javascript and React-Native

I observed a conversation recently around The State of React-Native

*opening scene*

Actor#1: Knowing React native is fine. But please, also learn either Swift or Kotlin if you wish to stay relevant. Compilers/ coding suites that make separate cuts for different platforms are fads that come and go every cycle leaving you with a pile of tech debt

Actor#2: Agreed. Javascript is irrelevant…

*end scene*

I didn’t get the deadpan at first…

But yeah, of course, he was joking. Right?

Javascript is the English of software languages as of right now (September 2018). Particularly as a useful L2 language to know.

For all of React-Native’s issues [React-Native is a framework utilizing Javascript], a huge plus is a large and diverse open source community of software companies and individuals. Though birthed from Facebook it has the potential to flourish in a future that isn’t reliant on Facebook (perhaps a lesson learned from the Parse fiasco). In any event, it has a rarer-than-usual potential for long-term viability that is envied by single-company-owned and closed-source frameworks.

React-Native may be entrenched in the linguistic framework-sphere of programming for quite a while longer than it’s current contemporaries.

Veganism and Yoga on Wazobia TV in Eko (Lagos)

I had a wonderful time discussing a few of my favorite things  (veganism included) with the presenters at Wazobia MAX TV in the city of Eko (Lagos), Nigeria. Healthy skeptical side glances made the experience all the sweeter.

Disclaimer: I am so grateful that Spirit speaks through me, but I must humbly reiterate to viewers that I am only an aspiring student, and not yet a master of the God-consciousness espoused in this interview.

Race, Religion, Yoga, and Veganism

I recently had the pleasure to talk with Chris from #conversationswithchris. Chris is a great host who gave me the honor of discussing some important topics.

In this talk we converse about yoga, veganism, race, religion and spirituality. These are some of my favorite topics because of the way they beautifully intersect and reflect the Divine essence. I could talk about it for hours.

We talk about the importance of knowing the historical fallacy of race, the spirit behind ethical veganism, the benefits of yoga and much more. There is overlap and some rambling. Enjoy!

Video Interview