Javascript and React-Native

I observed a conversation recently around The State of React-Native

*opening scene*

Actor#1: Knowing React native is fine. But please, also learn either Swift or Kotlin if you wish to stay relevant. Compilers/ coding suites that make separate cuts for different platforms are fads that come and go every cycle leaving you with a pile of tech debt

Actor#2: Agreed. Javascript is irrelevant…

*end scene*

I didn’t get the deadpan at first…

But yeah, of course, he was joking. Right?

Javascript is the English of software languages as of right now (September 2018). Particularly as a useful L2 language to know.

For all of React-Native’s issues [React-Native is a framework utilizing Javascript], a huge plus is a large and diverse open source community of software companies and individuals. Though birthed from Facebook it has the potential to flourish in a future that isn’t reliant on Facebook (perhaps a lesson learned from the Parse fiasco). In any event, it has a rarer-than-usual potential for long-term viability that is envied by single-company-owned and closed-source frameworks.

React-Native may be entrenched in the linguistic framework-sphere of programming for quite a while longer than it’s current contemporaries.

Electricity & Magnetism At Play Everyday

Let’s talk fundamental physics. Electricity and magnetism are usually referenced in an inanimate context. Today let’s rather think about how the living human body can be described as an electro-magnetic object of fractal nature.


If you have ever been shocked the idea of electricity in the body should come as no surprise.  However, what may be surprising are the profound implications of this simple natural phenomena.

The fractal nature of our bodies give rise to whole worlds within us. Two particular places of note are the brain and the body as a whole.

Human body is an electric cirtcuit
The human body has resistance properties consistent with an electrical circuit

Synapse in the brain. Some synaptic communication is electrical. Some chemical.
Human brain synapse

The fact that electrical resistance is measured in “ohms” shouldn’t be lost on us as a mere coincidence. The audible similarity with the cosmic sound of Aum(Amen) is uncanny to say the least.The seemingly coincidental fact that Resistance in measured in "ohms" shouldn't be lost on us. The audible similarity with the oft pronounced Cosmic Sound of Aum (Amen) is uncanny.

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