The World Peace Diet – Vegan Thought

51ccjmythll-_sx319_bo1204203200_This is probably one of the most important books currently in circulation. It easily takes it’s place amongst the leading sources of vegan thought and philosophy. Dr. Will Tuttle takes a beautifully holistic walk through humanities dietary choices. This book looks at one of the most common human activities (eating) and approaches it from spiritual, mental and physical perspectives. I found it’s passages to be enlightening.

I did a brief excerpt reading and talk from the book in the video below. See more reviews

Video Reading & Talk

Little Tyke: A story about a vegetarian lion

Little Tyke Vegetarion LionTake a fascinating glimpse into what would probably be called a myth if George H. Westbeau hadn’t written this book. Little Tyke is a true-to-life story about a vegetarian lion. After giving it a read I decided to make a video excerpt and quick review.  I was really touched by the realizations revealed in the excerpt.

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Video Reading & Talk


Race, Religion, Yoga, and Veganism

I recently had the pleasure to talk with Chris from #conversationswithchris. Chris is a great host who gave me the honor of discussing some important topics.

In this talk we converse about yoga, veganism, race, religion and spirituality. These are some of my favorite topics because of the way they beautifully intersect and reflect the Divine essence. I could talk about it for hours.

We talk about the importance of knowing the historical fallacy of race, the spirit behind ethical veganism, the benefits of yoga and much more. There is overlap and some rambling. Enjoy!

Video Interview