Race, Religion, Yoga, and Veganism

I recently had the pleasure to talk with Chris from #conversationswithchris. Chris is a great host who gave me the honor of discussing some important topics.

In this talk we converse about yoga, veganism, race, religion and spirituality. These are some of my favorite topics because of the way they beautifully intersect and reflect the Divine essence. I could talk about it for hours.

We talk about the importance of knowing the historical fallacy of race, the spirit behind ethical veganism, the benefits of yoga and much more. There is overlap and some rambling. Enjoy!

Video Interview

8 limbs of yoga – samadhi

Samadhi,  is the ultimate goal of yoga, union with the divine infinite bliss that is God. Arrival at this state can come from deep and constant dhyana (meditation). This is a state of consciousness described by many names.  I highly recommend further reading on the topic, but don’t get lost. Great gurus say this is a state that can only be known through experience, rather than intellectual grappling, therefore a steady yoga practice is recommended to know samadhi.

Samadhi – Video

8 limbs of yoga – dhyana (meditation)

Firstly, dhyana is a Sanskrit word that translates into “meditation”. In yoga meditation is defined as Dharana (concentration) focused on God. Once you can fully control your prana to draw it inward and concentrate that prana on God, Dhyana is the result. Since the study of Dhyana is beyond this article’s scope learn more here.

Dhyana – Video